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Created by the Eastern metal maniacs Ason and Hy-Karl, underground metal fanzine Ultimate Darkness was founded in the mid 90s and has returned after almost 20 years of silence. Cult Never Dies has collected all interviews and articles in one huge and fiercely old school tome for your reading pleasure.
Long detailed interviews with a huge number of bands including:
Dark Funeral, Absu, Master’s Hammer, Blasphemy, Dead Congregation, Tormentor, Grave Miasma, Necromass, Black Witchery, Venom Inc, Sadistik Execution, Mutilator, Angelcorpse, Cadaver, Protector, Cruciamentum, Obliteration, Thy Primordial, Belphegor, Usurper, Deathhammer, Treblinka, Infernal Majesty, Vampire, Undergang, Krabathor, Nastrond, Pan Thy Monium, Merciless, Pentacle, Incubus, Checker Patrol, Whipstriker, Necromorbid, Incubus, Venefixion, Eurynomos, Abyssos, Gorephilia, Skelethal, A Canorous Quintet, Funereal Moon, As Sahar, Profanity, Amon Amarth, Noctes, Vulture, Temple Nightside, Necromorbus Studio, Pathogen, Farasu, Engulfed, Putrefied Remains and many more
A huge tome with 228 large format (A4) pages!

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