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Digibook re-edition 2016 with poster.

Now legendary \"The Taste of Victory\" EP was released back in 2003 in order to relieve the expectation of new full-length record by the band. It contains three songs that later were included in \"Weltanschauung\" album (here in special mix) and \"As the Steel Eagle into Golden Svarga\", exclusive epic composition that was recorded before with intention to become the part of split release with Wojnar which never happened. In 2016 \"The Taste of Victory\" is presented as luxurious digibook with 20-page booklet and poster. 43 minutes of Ukrainian Heathen Metal Art at its best!

1. The Taste of Victory
2. Weltanschauung
3. The New Era of Swords
4. As the Steel Eagle into Golden Svarga

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